2Hard2Bite represents the highest level of the worldwide breakdance and dance scene. Founded by the youth friends and Flying Steps members Lil Amok and Rubberlegz, it combines 2H2B is a large international community of the best dancers, friends and supporters. The Kollektiv conveys the passion of the dance scene and offers both the best artists as well as a platform for talented newcomers.

According to the maxims “You Always Miss 100% Of All Moves You Never Try!”, “Be The First” and “Hard And Impossible Are Two Different Things” will be on the hundreds of thousands of social media channels called up by 2H2B, not only the spectacular dance moves, but also action-packed clips from the areas of Parkour, Skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. All 2H2B videos are now available at Boutblank available!

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