Lil Amok

Lil Amok is called Adnan Dushaku and was born in 1991 in Drenica, Kosovo. In 1993 he came to Germany with his family and grew up in Celle, Lower Saxony. Here he got in contact with Breakdance for the first time. Motivated by his older brother Lil Amok started dancing at the age of 8. Already one year later he won his first battle and since he is 12 years old he represents Germany at international battles. He is especially known for his special abilities as a power mover.

Since 2010 he also worked in the context of “Contemporary Dance”. After a complicated forearm injury in 2011, which almost marked the end of his career, Lil Amok worked his way back to the top of international breakdancing. In 2012, he became a member of the world-famous Berlin Boy formation Flying Steps, with whom he has since travelled the world, played in the biggest arenas and appeared on TV shows such as “Wetten dass?” and “TV Total”. Today, Lil Amok is the world’s best-known break dancer and supports the growing Breaker community through his social media channels.

Currently he lives in Berlin and works with big brands like Volkswagen, RedBull, Seat, Adidas or Nike. He is also planning his own fashion collection for Urban Athletes.

Facebook: 515,000+ Follower:
Instagram: 100.000+ Follower:
Approximately 2 million video views per month on Instagram.

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