Rubberlegz is called Rauf Yasit and comes from Celle in Lower Saxony. On a summer day in 1998, the then eleven-year-old visited the international breakdance competition “Battle of the Year” to paint the Hall of Fame there armed with a few spray cans – dance didn’t interest him in any way at the time. But the moves of the present breakers impressed the young sprayer. When he saw the dance scenes in the music video for Run DMC’s hit “It’s Like That”, it was about him.

From now on he trained his own skills and founded the crew “Burning Moves” at the age of 15, through which he also got to know Lil Amok. Yasit’s spectacular moves are characterized by extremely flexible movements, especially of his legs – hence the stage name Rubberlegz.

After training as a screen designer in Switzerland, he worked as a graphic designer in the USA until he got a promising call from his friend Lil Amok, who immediately inspired him for “Red Bull Flying Illusions” – the latest show of the Berlin Flying Steps. In the meantime Rubberlegz belongs to the crew and dances the stages worldwide.

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